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Sanibel Lighthouse Original Painting By Martha Dodd


Size 36H x 60W inches

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Sanibel Lighthouse at Sunset Original Oil Painting

Sanibel Lighthouse at Sunset Original Oil Painting. Size 36H x 60W inches

Martha Dodd lives in Fort Myers, Florida, just a short drive from this lighthouse. To Martha, this view of the lighthouse brings back many memories of days on the beach while raising her children. The reference photo was taken and used with permission by Rob Hoovis, photographer.  Thank you!!! Rob Hoovis graciously gave Martha his permission to paint his photo. Rob does video productions as well as photography. His website: Oldsparkypro.com

Martha added the ever-present flying seagulls, careful to not distract from the main features of the stunning sunset and the stately old lighthouse.

The “Sanibel Island Light,” otherwise known as the “Sanibel Lighthouse” is located on the eastern end of the 12-mile long island. The idea to build the lighthouse was first proposed by some of the settlers of the island in 1833, when they petitioned for one to be built. Along the way there were other recommendations for a lighthouse to be built. After the Civil War, there was a request made with the idea that it would cause an increase in trade, and travelers would be able to find the island more easily. However, no real action was taken until 1883 when they finally received the $50,000 they needed to fund the construction. The building of the lighthouse finally started in February of 1884. Although they faced complications along the way, in only a few short months the lighthouse was finally completed. It was first lit on August 20th, 1884 with kerosene oil. In order to get to the top of the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper had to walk up an external spiral staircase.

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