Esencia Creations

Mixed Media, Needlework, Photography and Meditative Percussionist

Mother and daughter capturing the essence of life and beauty.
~ Carmen (Mother)
Born and raised in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Carmen would enjoy the freedom of the wind and exploring the beauty in flowers as a child.

She was always intrigued in the art of needle work. She was guided as a child by passionate women showing her techniques. Carmen would then continue on teaching herself and exploring the art of. Throughout her life the feel of fabric, yarns and nature would always become one.

Later in life Carmen would become a professional seamstress and sample maker for many well known fashion designers which became very rewarding up to her retirement.

Throughout her retirement years she dedicated her life to gardening and understanding nature as a whole. Bringing her much joy, peace and healing.  Now residing in the state of Florida, Carmen is now sharing her essence of creating the beauty that beholds us. Bringing back the art of crocheting and fabrics. Two hands, one needle, one heart weaving all the possibilities and the peace that it brings.
~ Milly (Daughter)
Born and raised in New York City. Passionate in life and enjoys the diversity and the paths that she crosses within the fabric of life. Slicing it into moments and  capturing the essence.

Aside from having a full time job, she enjoys creating color and simplicity through her layering bohemian jewelry, photography, art and more.  Connecting with the inner spirit that inspires.

Milly is also a passionate meditative intuitive vocalist percussionist and Native American Flutist. Creating sacred spaces for inner relaxation and tranquility.

Together, mother and daughter creates pieces that are unique, original, timeless, simple, and inspirational. Touching ones heart with love and life.

Esencia Creations, the Esencia of life for you!


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