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Karen Gozzo Nolan

Acrylics/Oils on Canvas, Mix Medium on Canvas

Karen Gozzo Nolan was born in Connecticut. She has been creative since childhood. Karen resided in Connecticut until she was 28 and then relocated to Vermont. Always a lover of art, life didn’t allow her to following the dream of being an abstract painter. While living in Vermont Karen was the manager of a home decorating center for over 10 years. She worked with paint and colors, selecting color pallets for contractors.Karen dabbled here and there throughout her life. Being single mother, she never had the means to dedicate herself to art. Karen had also spent many years battling a rare disease. After recovering, Karen vowed to live life to its fullest, and to follow her passion of art. It wasn’t until relocating to Rotonda West, Florida in 2013, that she was well enough to pursue her lifelong dream. Shortly after making the move, Karen began to paint. Karen is a primarily self taught abstract expressionist. Karen’s paintings are influenced by music, the emotion that comes from it, and her love for vibrant color. Karen says…”The paint and brush become my instruments and my art is the song it plays


Featured Work

” Music is the inspiration for my art. It begins by selecting music for the piece, and laying out my medium as rainbow before me. The emotion of the music will choose the palette, along with an assortment of tools. The process is very private, exhilarating, yet exhausting in a good way. Disappearing into the art my tools become the instruments, the paint becomes the music. Once a piece has begun, it moves forward with the same musical artist until complete. I have been labeled an abstract expressionist by my peers. My paintings are emotionally vibrant, and painted brightly with the passion of the song. As far as my memory goes, connecting music with color was something I thought everyone did. At different periods in my life, I would paint this connection. Imagine, color, connecting with sound. Synesthesia, is a gift in which two neurological senses connect, for me its color and sound. Creating art professionally has been my dream since childhood, and the path to this dream has been rewardingly bumpy. As a self taught artist, I am devoted professionally to pursuing my dream and to continue to create art to please the eye for years to come.”


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