Luis Jimenez


Luis Jimenez is native to San Juan, Puerto Rico. He moved to Rochester, NY in 2010. After 8 years he decided to move to Cape Coral to enjoy his retirement. As a child he found art interesting, however he never had the opportunity to explore it. Luis blended his meditation techniques with his art inspiration as a creative method. He later came back to that curiosity he had and started to create! He started with a small piece as therapy. Then, he advanced to make Pyrography; the art of burning wood. Luis discovered hidden talent! He has created beautiful wood art pieces. Some of his colorful art pieces pay homage to his homeland. His distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace. Luis is motivated to continue growing as a pyrographer educating himself to improve his art techniques. He is excited to see the happiness he will bring to the people viewing his pieces! “It is not just a piece of wood, it is full of positive energy put into it as I burn the wood beautifully.” – Luis Jiménez


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1815-3 Fowler Street
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